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Credit for managers and managers

Are you a manager of an SME or a manager of a company? Are you looking for a financing solution? The credit for executives and managers is not known to everyone, but it is a flexible and confidential solution that often has above-average conditions. What exactly is it, what are the advantages of applying for a loan as a manager and what steps do you have to follow? We have the advice and explanations.

Personal loan for managers, managers, managers, …

The principle of a personal loan remains the same, regardless of whether the self-employed or a wage-earner makes the application and regardless of the position in the company. Specifically, the consumer borrows a certain amount of money from a bank and repays this amount plus interest for a period agreed in advance.

What is less well known is that the conditions offered by the banks depend directly on the applicant’s financial situation . Requesting a loan as a manager or manager has the following advantages:

  • It is possible to receive higher sums
  • The conditions are generally more advantageous

What guarantees are there regarding confidentiality?

Both banks and their intermediaries are subject to banking secrecy . Organizations that apply for a loan are therefore obliged to protect their customer data. Apart from this legal obligation, it is important to emphasize that lending in Switzerland is not only strictly regulated, but that it is also a closely monitored market. Managers and managers who would like to receive a personal loan can submit your request discretely and confidentially .

Whom to contact

credit loans

Consumers who want to get a personal loan can either contact the banks directly or have their order executed through a broker or agent. The latter option is usually recommended. Contacting an experienced broker such as Multicrédit allows you to:

  • Benefit from a consultation with a specialist in the field
  • To benefit from negotiated interest rates so that the interest payable falls
  • Simply get higher sums (these are also negotiated with the banks)
  • Get a detailed dossier evaluation from a specialist

Non-binding loan repayment

A loan for executives and managers also allows various liabilities such as the balance of credit cards , personal loans or leasing contracts to be combined into a single product, which:

  • Is cheaper
  • Can be negotiated at a new term

So it is an ideal solution to repay overdrawn credit cards while reducing the interest paid thanks to a more advantageous interest rate!