Guobank – reviews and review of payday loans

Guobank is the trade name of QualityCash, a large number of companies providing loans beyond their leading brands are introducing more brands acting on behalf of the same company and granting payday loans with its money. Often the offer and all conditions for taking out payday loans are the same, and sometimes these companies introduce competitive terms. Loan companies are doing so to reach new clients discouraged by the brand or to attract their clients for another loan. Also, the likelihood that an accidental customer will come across one of two loan brands is greater.

The advantages of Guobank are quick response and verificationl

Guobank – offer like in QualityCash

Guobank - offer like in QualityCash

At Guobank, the offer is identical to QualityCash. The amount of the first loan is up to PLN 500, and the next loan up to PLN 3,000. The loan can be taken by anyone over 18 years old who has a mobile phone and is a Polish citizen. The loan can be granted for 15 or 30 days, if it is not repaid, it can be extended for the same period. The cost of the loan is quite expensive compared to the competition, an example loan for PLN 1,000 will cost us PLN 320, and the Annual Real Interest Rate will be 2,830.70%. The undoubted advantage of payday loans in Guobank is quick response and verification. The Customer Service Office is open from Monday to Friday from 8:00 to 18:00.

We usually get a loan going through 4 stages :

1) Registration through our portal
2) Data verification by sending 1 penny
3) Cash withdrawal to a bank account
4) Signing the contract sent to the indicated address

Guobank – framework loan agreement

Guobank - framework loan agreement

Guobank also sends a framework loan agreement to the mailing address provided, it is not obligatory to receive payday pay, because we will get the money or refusal much earlier. Signing the contract gives us greater credibility in the eyes of the company, and hence, subsequent loans over the internet for larger amounts and on better terms. The letter comes with a prepaid return envelope, so it’s worth signing and sending back.

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