Insurance for borrower risk sports squash

Do you practice a sports activity, squash and you want to guarantee at best a loan in progress? Check out our special file borrow with risk sport squash

For a new loan, with guarantee related to squash sports risks


The same sports borrower can search, find and take out external credit insurance at the bank. To compete, the broker specializing in sports risk management squash will find the best insurance contract for loans. Tip: Contact sports associations for specific information before subscribing.

Played in the gym, squash is a sport that opposes two players whose goal is to return the ball by bouncing it on one or more of the four walls that surround them. This is a very physical sport because players have to move quickly in multiple directions on a small area. Squash is played with a special squash racket and a ball that must be hit in a wall. Squash is usually played in pairs.

The principle of squash

Squash is only played indoors, in a field surrounded by walls with a window for spectators. Squash is a very physical sport that requires speed, good reflex, and concentration. The lack of space makes the sport even more difficult for the players.

For a current loan, with guarantee related to sport squash risks

Are you really well secure for your loan with squash sports practice?

To obtain a mortgage, it is usually necessary to take out loan insurance. Indeed, the banks most often require that the real estate borrower adhere to it to make sure to be reimbursed whatever happens to him. The loan insurance reimburses the bank following the occurrence of a death, disability or incapacity situation of the borrower. From now on, borrowers are free to take out their loan insurance with the insurer of their choice. The bank can not refuse an external loan insurance contract if it offers guarantees at least equivalent to those of the group contract it has proposed to the borrower. By playing the competition between insurers, you can opt for the cheapest loan insurance contract that best suits your individual needs.

Aggravated risks

Check your current loan insurance contract to define the important points to modify, if there are points to improve you can easily negotiate the loan insurance change with your bank, it is in your interest but also that of the beneficiary of this insurance. Advice: Consult the file change insurance for real estate loan on our site.

The squash expertise of insurance broker for the loan


The sports borrower can subscribe to tailor-made insurance, depending on the risks of his sport squash. The so-called risky squash sport can be covered correctly on a real-estate loan with the sports squash loan insurance tailored by the broker with short deadlines.

Squash: watch out for exclusions


Squash can be part of the exclusions of many loan insurance contracts because it is a sport considered at risk by insurers. This means that the insurer does not support these risks. Also, be aware that the introduction of loan insurance covering the risks of squash will result in an increase in your insurance contributions.

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