Subscribe to mortgage insurance when you are a farmer

Subscribe to loan insurance when you are a farmer


The job of a farmer

Producing animals or cultivating the land for production purposes, the farmer is regularly exposed to certain risks due to the use of agricultural tools and mechanical handling work that he practices daily.

Real estate loan insurance

Real estate loan insurance

When subscribing to a home loan, do not neglect the insurance that accompanies it. This is intended to guarantee the loan through the assumption of reimbursement by the insurer in case of occurrence of a claim covered by the insurance contract. You are entitled to take out insurance with the insurance company of your choice and are therefore able to benefit from the cheapest loan insurance that is most suitable for you. The choice of insurance will determine the level of cover of the guarantees as well as their cost.

Make sure when you practice a job at risk

Make sure when you practice a job at risk

The bank may be hesitant to insure a farmer because it is riskier than the average borrower. It is wise to anticipate your loan insurance so as not to be blocked by a refusal of insurance from the bank at the time of your mortgage application.

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